It is thanks to these amazing people that the whole world of Adult Coloring, Doodles and Zentangles even exist.

Thank you for your Creative Genius. We are grateful that you share your world with ours.


Famous and Favorite Coloring Book Artists & Illustrators

These are Honorary Members of our Tribe and as such have honorary full listing here at Rainbow Doodlers. We just love them for what they've done for the world of Adult Coloring and welcome them to our Tribe.

Johanna Basford

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Contributors to Rainbow Doodlers

All these Artists have contributed Free Downloadable Adult Colouring Pages for you to print and colour! Thank you so much to all of them for sharing their awesome talents and creations with us. Browse all of them and explore to your heart's content. We'll start with a basic list and will add them in different categories later. You can also find their free downloadable pages here in categories for your convenience.

Each of them have their own page with the type of art they do, a biography, websites and social media presence online as well as any Colouring books they've published and of course, their gallery of pictures!

Color and Relax

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Adult Coloring Book Artists

These incredible artists have all created Adult Coloring Books for us all to enjoy. Explore their mini profile pages to see if you like their styles or topics and please support them so that we can ensure that they will create more!

thecolorist-co - Mini-Profile

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What an amazing bunch of artists these are! Incredibly creative and just ...well! You can have a look at each individual artist or find a gallery of their stuff over here.

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Zentanglers & Tanglers

This is a world of its own! We love what these incredibly talented people create whilst doodling in this amazing method. Explore them individually or find a gallery of their inspiring creations here.

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