7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Will Brighten Up your Life

Even if it didn't make us healthier, many of us would still probably be coloring as adults. It's true, of course, that the inherent fun of coloring might be linked to its de-stressing properties, but I think the activity's helpful qualities are really just an added bonus. At the end of the day, coloring is […]

Spring Perfect Adult Colouring Books from Dover Publications

If you're looking for the perfect type of pictures to colour in whilst listening to the birds heralding in the budding of new leaves, blossoms and fresh air...look no further than these gorgeous Creative Haven range of books from Dover Publications!

Dover Publications

Creative Haven Best Selling Series Dover Publications, Established in 1941, provides a huge variety of different books, from Educational to Crafts to Science. It is their Creative Haven Series of Coloring Books though, especially designed for experienced Colorists, that we would like to focus on here. We will list them in categories, but this is […]

Johanna Basford

Illustrator. Pen & Ink Evangelist. Creator Extraordinaire of Colouring Books Honorary Life Member of the Rainbow Doodler Tribe I draw pictures and make colouring books. Tumble down the rabbit hole and find yourself in my inky black and white Wonderland... I'm an illustrator and ink evangelist who prefers pens and pencils to pixels. I create intricate, hand […]

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