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    Rainbow Doodler

    Introduce yourself here – Link with other artists, colorists and share experiences…and free pictures if you wish.

    If you want us to list you on the site, please give us:
    – your bio,
    – links to your website/social media sites,
    – your book/s’ name/s
    – and if you can, add two pictures that we can list as free downloadable pages for our colorists (this will give you a full profile)
    (mention whether they are available anywhere else on the internet…or if it’s specially for us?)
    — if not, no worries, we’ll just do a mini profile for you and list your books.
    – Also please give us links to any interviews with you, as well as to reviews, articles, page-through or video reviews about your book/s.

    If you haven’t published any books yet, but have an Etsy shop or similar, give us your details anyway…if you give us 2 free downloadable pictures, we’ll list you too!

    Thank you and Welcome to the Rainbow Doodlers Tribe!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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