Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

Take a look at these free printable colouring pages for adults... scroll down to see them all! Many of these were provided by our awesome featured artists... Many were made by us ourselves, and others were found, uncredited, in the public domain in various places on the internet. Rainbow Doodlers is a place for all of us to discover all these things (and the people who enjoy them) in A SINGLE place and to have fun together. Soon, this will be the biggest and the best adult colouring website in the known universe! :)

At the moment, we're still very busy adding things, but we already have quite a few...

Free Adult Colouring Sheets for you to download and print!

To download and print one of these free images, simply click on it and it will open in a new tab. Then save it and print it using your preferred method.


Lots of different styles to choose from! See if your favourite animals are amongst these...


This most magnificent of creatures gallops through most of our dreams. Let your imagination roam free and colour one of these!


Fairy tale creatures of renown. These awesomely inspiring creations will soothe you, relax and rejuvinate you from the inside out. Enjoy!


Nature's best creation EVER! Go wild with colour. Explore!


Natural Vistas for you to fill with rampant colours!


The most intricate line drawings of cities and buildings for you to fill and play with colour!


Go mad with our wide selection. Create and enjoy!


These are the most amazing Doodles from our Masters of Doodling! Whimsical, awe inspiring creations for you to add colour to. Go create!


The human figure is one of the most amazing creations. Explore these wonderful creations to your heart's content!


We each have an unique one. Isn't that wonderful? Explore the variety of these fascinating presentations by our Artists and add your own creativity to make it even more unique.


There is just something magical about the power of Words. Choose your favourite and go add your own touch of magic.


These mindblowing circular creations have for centuries provided people with the means to access hidden recesses of the mind. Explore for yourself the hidden wonders of Mandalas.


Celebrate the various holidays by coloring these wonderful visualisations.


Facts about adult colouring

The great psychologist Carl Jung recommended colouring to his patients, thinking it'd help them access their subconscious mind. We currently know that many psychologists suggest this to patients as an alternative to meditation, as a method of relaxation, and as a calming tool. Adult colouring is therapeutic for many people. There is something very satisfying about seeing your thoughts and effort produce a beautiful work of art at a predictable pace.

Colouring has other benefits too, beyond the obvious results of beauty and relaxation. It utilizes areas of the mind that improve concentration and focus. Additionally, it helps with problem solving and organizational skills. Our frontal lobes are responsible for these higher level tasks and functions of the brain, and all those functions are activated by colouring in detailed pictures.

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  1. Leanne says:

    Your designs are very creative
    But in my current state of high anxiety and depression I don't want such complicated intricate patterns
    something simple were I don't have to make to many decisions about what colour to choose would be nice

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