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We Salute you All

Thank you for Creating your awesome works for us all to enjoy!

All the Free Downloadable Pages that are found here have been found, uncredited, from all over the web. We regard them as being under  Public Domain status and have used them as such. They may be used, changed and posted on your own social media and anywhere else without having to say where they're from. (We would like you to Pin & Post them from here though, to spread the word that they're here of course! And...Thank you!)

If you've found an image here that you have created that is not Public Domain or CC0 and you want recognition for it (or you know whose it is), please let us know and we will remedy it at once. After all, we do LOVE your work and would like to credit you for it (we might even ask you to do some more work for us!) so don't be shy, tell us immediately!

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Posted in: Artists on December 29, 2015 @ 7:20 pm

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