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The first thing to know about coloring Mandalas is that it is fun, it is a relaxing joyful experience. Yet, Mandalas have much more to it and the journey to expose its virtues is through having fun.
Our mind is constantly under attack by numerous factors fighting to get our attention, it starts the moment we open our eyes with the TV fighting our Cellphone who fights our Tablet and laptop, our children fight for attention, the boss at work fight Facebook that fight our coworkers and the never-ending daily tasks constantly popping up in our mind. Everywhere around us we can see the effect of this attack on our consciousness; the epidemic in the west of heart diseases and stress related illnesses, the unprecedented rate of depression are all outcomes of our soul's distress.
I first found the therapeutic and artistic nature of the Mandala in a long trip to India, the encounter with this simple meditative tool was overwhelming to my soul. I felt like my soul had walked for ages in the desert and had finally found an oasis. Slowly the consciousness became calmer and clearer, repressed art feeling came out to the open, and issues that looked unsolvable suddenly looked simple.
Years have passed and I found myself deepening in the power of mandalas, exercising its virtues and experiencing higher and higher spiritual and artistic feelings. The hidden child was freed from the daily life chains and the creation of art became a part of my life. The inevitable result of the Journey was a deep urge to share my experience and journey with others.
My book of mandalas is a summary of my path, I hope it will give you as much joy as it gave to me, and that it will  give your soul spiritual and artistic nourishment, if it does then my mission is fulfilled.



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