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To enable us to list you, we require that you submit at least 2 Free Downloadable Colouring Pages for the use of our community of Colorists. All Images on our site are required to be Creative Commons Attribute Licensed and by submitting your Pages and Images here, we hereby assume that you have afforded us those rights.

You can also submit more images to be included in the Gallery on your Profile Page to allow Colorists to see your style, technique, your studio or any other relevant details. We will screen them for quality before publication and inform you of any changes needed or reasons for them not being permissible.

NB:  To enable us to link your Profile information to your Images, please provide the following in the description of each file:

[Your Username/Full Name*],[Image Title*],[Type of Artwork/Book it's from],[Media used to create/Description]

*Required information            Note: Add -FREE behind the Free Downloadable Page File Names

Please only submit JPG or PNG formats.

Please upload your Images here (wait for box to clear/page to reload before uploading the next image...just for now):

Your Name & Image Description:

Otherwise please include a link to your Images in the Comments section of the form (via Dropbox or any other such sharing platform).

Thank you for Joining Us! Welcome to the Rainbow Doodlers Tribe!

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