Inge Dagmar Manders

Inge Dagmar Manders


Also does Doodling and Adult Colouring book illustrations

Line art and doodling for the adult colouring market, commissions done on request. Specialising in pet, animal and mythical art for the discerning colourist.
Also specialising in Equine and animal art. Uniquely created oil paintings on gold/silver and copper leaf composite, 24 karat, and sterling silver leaf. Some works are embellished with precious and semi-precious gem stones. Does commissions on request.
I was born in Holland in 1966 and have lived pretty much all over the world before moving to South Africa in 1987. My working life has been just as varied; dabbled in industrial design, advertising, languages, safari guiding and interior design before moving to a farm in the KZN Midlands.
On top of this, for nearly 10 years I operated a holiday destination for the discerning equestrian, combined as an Arabian and Crossbreed stud. I have been lucky enough to have owned various breeds of horses, from Arabians, Friesians and a Lusitano stallion in Brazil to TB’s Welsh ponies and various crosses. I still own my wee Black Arab Stallion, the love of my life (besides my 7 cats); he’s called Yogi…
Living around the world greatly influenced my art and I am drawn to unusual mediums and techniques. My passion these days lies with gold, copper and silver leaf in composite and pure forms, in combination with oil paint. It’s a technique that has taken me a number of years to perfect,
especially the patination process of the various metal leaves. After drawing an initial sketch, I seal the board or canvas, size it for guilding then guild the board with various layers of metal leaf, patinating and painting as I go. On average a piece will take me a few weeks to complete…but bigger pieces can take me up to a month – if I paint from sun up to sun down. Commission pieces are done in pretty much the same way, but with the use of reference photos.
Today I live with my mum on a beautiful 3.2 hectare plot on Sakabula where I also have my home studio, and draw inspiration for my paintings, from my love for my companion animals, and at the moment especially from my old Red cat Tigga…you will see him in most of my paintings…



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